Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That? (Hardback)
Breaking the Negative Patterns in Your Life
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Author(s):  Dennis Wholey
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Why We Do What We Don’t Want to Do--and How to Stop

Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That? explains why we all experience the “compulsion to repeat” and discover the most successful ways to stop doing what we don’t want to do . . . whether we drink it, smoke it, snort it, pop it, spend it, gamble it, eat it, work it, feel it, or have sex or a relationship with it.

As a recovering alcoholic, Dennis Wholey knows firsthand what it takes to break an addiction. In his New York Times bestseller The Courage to Change, Wholey brilliantly changed the way people viewed the negative pattern of substance addiction. Now, in this highly anticipated book, Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That?, Wholey expands the exploration of the compulsion to repeat by tackling other negative and self-defeating patterns of various types and degrees.

Habits are hard to break--especially destructive ones that bring about pain in our lives, create continuous problems or obstacles, keep us with people who are bad for us, and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

We all have our own answer and our own path to healing. Dennis Wholey helps you find yours. He shows us how to make these changes with expert insights from his team of behavioral experts along with personal stories of different negative behaviors and lifestyles, questionnaires, evaluations, and “personal inventories” that dig into your own life and background. Why Do I Keep Doing That? Why Do I Keep Doing That? shows you how to find the answers you seek, the support you deserve, and the understanding you must have to forge your way to a happier, more rewarding life--and a truer sense of who you are.

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